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Morten K. Sørensen

Morten K. Sørensen is an independent photographer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Studied at Copenhagen School of Film and Photography, 2021.

My photographic journey started some 10 years ago when i purchased my first decent camera.

Originally it was Instagram that got me started with making images again. I was quite fond of photography in the eighties and early nineties, but didn’t really take it seriously until Instagram came along. The community and the constant inspiration I found there quickly sparked my original passion for photography again and I began to post regularly. My following and IG presence has since then lead to inspiring collaborations and regular clients.

I am a passionate traveller and I like the idea of inviting people to join me in seeing the world through my images.

 However, I often stray away from the traditionally expected subject of an image. To me, photography is a form of art, more than a method of documentation.

I have been told that my images, many of them without human presence, often reveal the systems, order and conformity that can be found among the many buildings, public spaces and the more closed and mysterious spaces in the big cities. My work often emphasizes sequence and patterns, and many images reveal a reflection of symmetry, or a story of a meditative reflective moment that hopefully inspires you to become lost and immersed in the scene.

As the years have passed I also tend to be attracted to motifs where I see some kind of beauty in the brutal or decaying.