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City Guide

Copenhagen - City Guide by The Photo Art Shop.
Explore the trendiest places in the city. Our City Guide features a curated selection of the best places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”.



Babel / by @RasmusOubæk & @LauConnoisseur / Nørrebro

Kismet / New beautiful all day café and bakery / City Center

Amore / New beautiful spot by @Mangia / Vesterbro

Lido / New beautiful café by @ChiareBarla / Vesterbro

Amator / by @MatiPichci / Østerbro

Aurora / It's all about ice cream / Carlsbergbyen

Graziano / Trattoria. Bottega. Famiglia. / Nørrebro

Dagmars Bodega / Your new "stamsted" / Nørrebro

Calma / French and Italian-inspired cuisine à la carte / Nørrebro

Le Petit Rouge / French Brasserie / City Center

Donna / Italian restaurant. Sip, savour and celebrate / Vesterbro

Hotel Bella Grande / A classic boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen / Vesterbro

Ritta / Authentic Rice & Curry / Vesterbro

Aure / Fine Dining / Refshaleøen

Posh Jah / Japanese food, sushi, tempura, craft sake, natural wine, good vibes / City Center

Gaijnc / A place inspired by region and rooted in the japanese / Nørrebro



Københavns Bageri / Exploring danish traditions / Carlsbergbyen

Sinne Gas BageriHigh quality baked goods and pastries / Nørrebro

Skipper Bageri / High quality baked goods / Østerbro

Juno the Bakery / Cardamom swirls are highly recommended / Østerbro

Hart / Delicious baked goods and fresh loafs of bread / Many locations

Lille Bakery / Treat yourself to prime quality baked goods / Refshaleøen

Albatross & Venner / Well-known bakery located inside Torvehallerne / City Center

Flere Fugle / Unique bakery, coffee, bar, dining and event venue / Nordvest

Bageriet B / The sourdough bun can definitely be recommended / Nørrebro

Alice / Great coffee, homemade ice cream and various types of pastries / Amager

Collective Bakery / The people behind The Coffee Collective / Nørrebro

Bageriet Benji / Bakery & ice cream shop / Nørrebro

Rondo / Deli-bakery & cornershop for pastries and sourdough bread / Nørrebro

Andersen & Maillard / Roastery, coffee shop & bakery / Nørrebro + Nordhavn + City Center



Atelier September / Beautiful cafés by Frederik Bille Brahe / Hellerup + City Center + Nordhavn

Omegn & Venner / Great lunch spot, highly recommended / City Center (Inside Torvehallerne)

Doomsday Deli / Sandwiches / Nørrebro

Studio x Kitchen / Stylish and very good café / City Center

Kafeteria / Café / City Center (Inside SMK)

Sonny / Café / City Center + Frederiksberg

Seks bakery & eatery / 100% vegetarian café / City Center

Dzidra / Café & Sweet stuff / Nørrebro

Tekno / Super cosy organic and sustainable café / Nørrebro

Les Trois Cochons / A feeling of being in Paris for a while at a real French bistro / Vesterbro

Le Saint Jacques / Classical French Bistro (lunch spot) / Østerbro

L’Education Nationale / Classical French Bistro (lunch spot) / City Center

Lille Bakery / All food is organic, tasty and the surroundings are unique / Refshaleøen



Sokkelund / All day dining, seven days a week / Frederiksberg

Polly / Modern eatery open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner / Frederiksberg

Apollo Bar / Seasonal bistro, joyful wines / City Center

Bottega Barlie / Casual locale with outdoor seating / City Center

Friheden / Hang out and enjoy life / Nørrebro



Jagger / Founded by former Michelin chef Rasmus Oubæk / DKK 65 for a combo / Many locations

Otto / + Heat at home concept / DKK 65 for a combo / Many locations 

Ritta / Authentic Rice & Curry / DKK 65 for a combo / Vesterbro



Apotek 57 / Seasonal breakfast and lunch. Baked goods and coffee / City Center

Beau Marché / Unique French atmosphere / City Center

Les Voyageurs / Unique French atmosphere / City Center

Sanders / Elegant boutique hotel / City Center

Italo Caffé / Local hot spot with fresh juices, coffee and a simple menu / Vesterbro (Værnedamsvej)

Seks bakery & eatery / 100% vegetarian café with delicious cakes / City Center

Picnic / Museum Café / Vesterbro (Inside Glyptoteket)

Connie-ConnieDiscover CC's new café / Refshaleøen (Inside Copenhagen Contemporary)

Format Café  / Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or coffee and cake in beautiful surroundings/ City Center (Inside Designmuseum)

Lille Format / Little café in the beautiful courtyard of the Designmuseum Denmark / City Center



Palægade / Smørrebrød brought up-to-date / City Center

Møntergade / Extraordinary quality and craftsmanship / City Center

Told & Snaps / Classic Danish specialties of the highest quality / City Center

Schønnemann / Classic Danish smørrebrød since 1877 / City Center

Aamanns 1921 / Everything is made from scratch with real craftsmanship, smørrebrød with a modern twist / City Center

Aamanns / Everything is made from scratch with real craftsmanship, smørrebrød with a modern twist / Østerbro

Hallernes smørrebrød / Classic smørrebrød shops with a focus on take-home / Many locations



Rouge Oysters / Wines, Oysters, Spirits and Art / Frederiksberg



Donda Deli / Deli and eatery / Vesterbro

PiolaItalian / Frederiksberg

Juli / Pizzeria & Wine / Nørrebro

Eat In Time / Chinese Restaurant / Valby

Donda / Eatery and bar / Christianshavn

JuJu / A modern casual Korean eatery / Østerbro

Janice / Cosy winebar / Vesterbro

Casamadre / Italian eatery / Nordvest

Lago / Cosy lakeside restaurant, natural winebar / Nørrebro

Lamar / Good atmosphere, great food and all of it for more than reasonable prices / Vesterbro

Pauli / New Nordic ingredients mixed with coziness / Sydhavn

Ranees / Thai Esarn / Nørrebro

Silberbauers Bistro / French bistro / Nørrebro (Jærgersborggade)

Contento / Pintxos bar / Nørrebro

Baka d’ Busk / Plant bistro / Nørrebro

Propaganda / Korean eatery / Vesterbro

Circolo / Italian eatery / Frederiksberg

Osterria 16 / Italian eatery / Vesterbro + Nørrebro

Osterria 16 Pesce / Simple and original Italien food and wine / Vesterbro

Bar la Una / Italian bar & eatery / Vesterbro

Bar Poldo / Wine bar and eatery in the heart of Copenhagen / City Center

Bar Pasta / Inspired by Italian traditions / 2 locations on Nørrebro

Fabro / Traditional Italian pasta and wine / City Center

Omar / Cozy, funky eatery offering a classic menu and an extensive wine list / Nørrebro

Safari / Little eatery with a menu inspired by Central and Southen European  / Nørrebro

Cleo / New spot at Rantzausgade serves a share-friendly menu, seven days a week / Nørrebro

Villette / Vegetable-forward seasonal menu in a casual, community-driven setting / Nørrebro



Bobe / Restaurant by Bo Bech / City Center

Ambra / Beautiful New Yorker restaurant  / City Center

Brasserie Post / New brasserie by Claus Meyer / Østerbro

Kappo Ando / Japanese kappo-inspired eatery / Østerbro

Ripotot / Seasonal cooking & stunning wines / City Center

Bottega Estadio / Restaurant and wine bar with passion for Latin American and Mediterranean food traditions / Østerbro

Levi / Italian & Japanese Cuisine / City Center

Bistro Grimal / Serves classic bistro and pub dishes / Vesterbro

Møntergade / French inspired bistro cuisine / City Center

Maison / All the great French classics and carefully selected wines / City Center

Pluto / Vibrant atmosphere and casual, authentic food with flavor in focus / City Center

Gorilla / Small dishes, homemade pasta, cocktails, music & party / Vesterbro (Kødbyen)

Retour / A classic bistro with well-know dishes / Vesterbro

Barabba / Italian contemporary food and clean wine / City Center

Mangia / Popular Italian pasta restaurant / Vesterbro

Uformel / Small farm-to-table dishes and natural wines / Vesterbro

Pastis / French Bistro / City Center

Fiskebaren / Fresh seafood, pure wine and a fantastic atmosphere / Vesterbro (Kødbyen)

Mêlée / A tiny popular bistro / Frederiksberg

Anarki / Honest and uncompromising bistro cuisine / Frederiksberg

Frank / A modern eatery / City Center

Sanchez CantinaContemporary Mexican restaurant in the heart of Vesterbro / Vesterbro

Høst / Award-winning restaurant based on Scandinavian cuisine with lots of surprises / City Center

Barr / Barr is an informal restaurant and bar with Northern European cuisine / City Center

Iluka / Sustainable seafood served with care and commitment / City Center

Babylon / Unbeatable location & lovely food / Vesterbro

Admiralgade 26 / A mix of wine bar, café and bistro – which offers an appealing modern menu / City Center

Sticks'n'Sushi / Is for you who love sushi and yakitori sticks / Many locations

Kōnā / Japanese eatery in Carlsberg Byen / Vesterbro

Esmée / Esmée created a slightly modern interpretation of French cuisine, with inspiration from the Mediterranean area / City Center

Delphine / Delphine brings the food and atmosphere from the Greek archipelago and southern Italy to the heart of Vesterbro / Vesterbro



Jatak / Focused on local seasonal ingredients cooked with cultural inspirations from the team / Nørrebro

Alchemist / Expect the unexpected / Refshaleøen

Anaba / Traditional Japanese sushi restaurant with focus on Scandinavian seafood / Nordhavn

Alouette / Currently closed / Islands Brygge

Marchal / The kitchen is run by one of Denmark's greatest masters of French cuisine, the executive chef Jakob de Neergaard / City Center

Noma / Is a three-Michelin-star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi / Refshaleøen

GeraniumGeranium's kitchen is lucid, light and dynamic. Our mission is to create meals that involve all our senses / Østerbro (Parken)

Kong Hans Kælder / Gastronomic decadence in an atmospheric cellar / City Center

The SamuelUnforgettable flavors, impeccable service, and an extraordinary dining experience / Hellerup

AOC / Modern gastronomy & wine with origins in carefully selected local produce served at high vaulted cellar from the 17th century / City Center

Formel b / Great food and wine in free and relaxed settings / Vesterbro

Kadeau / Nordic cuisine shaped by the seasons and the unique terroir of Bornholm / Christianshavn

Jordnær / Eric Kragh Vildgaard’s set menu features an array of bold, creative and stunningly plated fish and shellfish dishes. The ingredients are of superlative quality and luxury ingredients like caviar and lobster play a prominent role in the impeccably executed dishes. Tina oversees the charming service in this stylish and sophisticated oasis, which is concealed within a hotel that's expertly run at every turn / Hellerup

Søllerød Kro / A characterful 17C thatched inn by a pond in a picturesque village, with a delightful courtyard terrace and three elegant, intimate rooms. In keeping with the surroundings, cooking has a classical heart but is presented in a modern style. Dishes have deceptive depth and the wine list is a tome of beauty / Holte

Koan / This elegant restaurant provides a hugely engaging experience from start to finish, with its technically accomplished and completely original cooking. The heritage of Korean-born chef-owner Kristian Baumann influences the flavours and techniques across the 17 course tasting menu. He leads the team in an open kitchen, delivering creative, refined dishes built around superb ingredients. Service is professional yet relaxed, and the whole event is perfectly choreographed / Østerbro

Connection by Alan Bates / At this delightful restaurant, the eponymous Chef-Owner offers an engaging experience centred around a surprise menu. Diners sit at one of three long, six-seater tables, while the affable Alan offers an insight into his life and experiences through his cooking. Refined, well-balanced dishes are admirably uncrowded and showcase top quality produce. Go for the wine pairing to complete the experience / Østerbro



Jagger / Founded by former Michelin chef Rasmus Oubæk / Many locations

Gasoline / World famous burger in Copenhagen! / Many locations

Popl / By the Noma team / Christianshavn



Poulette / Fried chicken & Tofu sandwich / Nørrebro



Surt / Really good sourdough pizza / Vesterbro (Carlsbergbyen)

Otto / Amazing pizzas + Heat at home concept / Many locations

Bæst / Organic sourdough pizza / Nørrebro

Diamond Slice / Casual New York style pizza joint / Nørrebro

Another Pizza / NYC style pizza / City Center



Aurora / It's all about ice cream / Carlsbergbyen

Alice / Great ice cream is made from great products / Amager

Østerberg / Organic clean ice cream with unique flavors / Østerbro + Vesterbro

Ismageriet / Fresh made ice cream / Amager + Vesterbro (Kødbyen)

Isoteket / Organic gelato bar. Produce no-compromise and intense gelato of the very best quality / Østerbro + Nørrebro



Maison / Beautifully designed cakes to be enjoyed either in-house or for takeaway / City Center (Inside Hotel d´Angleterre)

La Glace / Founded October anno 1870. Experience the famous Sportskage / City Center

Leckerbaer / Danish dessert shop since 2014. Reinventing the Danish Butter cookie / Østerbro



Torvehallerne / A food market where the original, the new, the well thought out and the slowly prepared make more than 100.000 Copenhageners flock every single week / City Center (Nørreport)

Broens Gadekøkken / Broens Street Food is a meltingpot of street food kitchens and bars that serve tasty food and beverages from all over the world. Here you can enjoy world class street food from renowned restaurants and chefs from Copenhagen where quality, good ingredients and great taste are the key elements / Christianshavn

Reffen / Reffen is a pulsating waterfront oasis where street food enthusiasts, artisans, container romantics, music lovers, curious minds and everyone else come together to enjoy exciting food, different cultures and good vibes / Refshaleøen



Doomsday Deli / Sandwiches / Nørrebro

Ritta / Authentic Rice & Curry / Vesterbro

District Tonkin / Vietnamese / City Center

Garbanzo / Pita/Salad / Many locations

OilOil / Poke Bowl / Many locations

Wedo / Salad / Many locations

Sanchez (Torvehallerne) / Tacos / City Center (Torvehallerne)

Ranees / Thai / Nørrebro

Slurp Ramen Joint / Ramen / ---

Hooked / Lobster Roll / Many locations

Hachi / Sushi / Østerbro

Bang Bang Sushi / Sushi / Frederiksberg



April Coffee / A coffee roastery and store rooted in Copenhagen / Nørrebro + City Center

Prolog / Finest specialty coffee / Vesterbro + Østerbro

Coffee Collective / They were among the first to focus on quality coffee / Many Locations

La Cabra / Rare and bright coffee / City Center

Sneezing Fruits / Courtyard coffee shop / Islands Brygge

Hip Hop / Local tiny coffee shop at beautiful Frederiksberg / Frederiksberg




Kølsters Tolv Haner



Apéro / Wine bar by talented people / City Center

Botti / Wineshop & bar / Frederiksberg

Bobe Wine Bar / Cosy Wine Bar / City Center

Rascal / Wines

La Banchina / Famous wine bar with sauna and kitchen / Refshaleøen

Ved Stranden 10 / Wine, blissfull happy custodians and still around / City Center

Bevi Bevi / Beautiful little wine bar / Vesterbro

Pompette / Rare wines / Nørrebro

Den Vandrette / Rare wines / City Center

Ancestrale / Rare wines / Vesterbro

Rosforth & Rosforth / Wines / Islands Brygge

Lille Blå Vinbar / Wines / City Center

Nr. 30 / Wines / City Center

Veranda / Bar with a great wine selection / Nørrebro

Liquo / By SURT Pizza / Vesterbro (Carlsbergbyen)



Bar Deco / In the heart of Copenhagen, stylish drinks and cocktails / City Center

1656 Cocktailbar / Cozy & vibrant cocktail bar / Vesterbro

Bird / A small, local neighborhood bar where soft tunes from cracky vinyls fills the room from hand build speakers and custom made hard ware / Frederiksberg

Ruby / Opened in 2007 and has been one of the best cocktail bars in the city for over a century now. Placed in an old townhouse from 1740 / City Center

K bar K-bar is recognized by many as the first modern cocktail bar in Copenhagen / City Center

Gensyn / Gensyn is the perfect combination of laid back and chill while having drinks from the top level / Frederiksberg + Amager

Lidkoeb Lidkoeb is a cocktail bar with two floors of cocktails and the top floor is a whisky bar / Vesterbro

Duck & Cover A small cocktailbar in Copenhagen. Local focus, mid century decor and seasonal menus / Vesterbro

Curfew Speakeasy cocktail bar / Vesterbro

Balderdash / A cozy bar nestled in the center of old Copenhagen with whimsical and classic cocktails / City Center

The Barking Dog / Agaveria, Drinks & Beer. Hugs, Kisses & lots of love! / Nørrebro



SØ / --- / Frederiksberg

Lusso / --- / City Center

Museo Club / --- / City Center

ARCH / --- / City Center



AutoPoul (bar) / --- / Nørrebro

JOJO / --- / Vesterbro

Paradiso / --- / Nørrebro

Café Intime / --- / Frederiksberg

Bo-Bi Bar / --- / City Center



Hotel d'Angleterre / 5 star luxury hotel, Kongens Nytorv / City Center

Villa Hotel / Villa Copenhagen offer a lovely interior design next to  / Vesterbro

Coco Hotel / Stylish boutique hotel with lovely decor / Vesterbro

Nobis Hotel / Beautiful design hotel in a historic building from 1903 /Vesterbro

Grand Joanne / Modern hotel next to Tivoli Gardens / Vesterbro

Nimb Hotel / Highly elegant boutique hotel inside Tivoli / Vesterbro

The Socialist / Stylish hotel in an old transformer station / City Center

Sanders Hotel / Elegant boutique hotel / City Center

The Audo / Design hotel by MENU / Nordhavn

Central Hotellet / This is a hotel with only one room, but what a room! / Vesterbro

The Krane / A former coal crane now offers a unique exclusive hotel / Nordhavn

Vipp Loft / The Vipp Loft is a true design experience / Islands Brygge

The Darling / A stylish art & design guest house in the hart of Copenhagen / City Center

25 Hours Hotel / Modern hotel in the centre og Copenhagen / City Center

SP34 / Modern boutique hotel in Copenhagen's old Latin Quarter / City Center

Kaj Hotel / A floating one room hotel / Christianshavn



Soho House / City Center








Muld (Vipperød)



Botanical Garden / --- / City Center

Grundtvigs Church / --- / Nordvest

Amalienborg / --- / City Center

The Marble Church / --- / City Center

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek / --- / City Center 

Tivoli / --- / City Center

Round Tower / --- / City Center

Canal Tours / --- / Many locations

Christiania / --- / Christianshavn

Designmuseum Danmark / --- / City Center

Louisiana Museum / --- / ---

Copenhagen Contemporary / --- / Refshaleøen

Rungstedlund / Karen Blixen Museum / Rungsted

Ordrupgaard / Finn Juhl´s House / ---



Studio Oliver Gustav / --- / Østerbro

Kinfolk / --- / City Center



Amazing Space / --- / City Center


Date edited: 01.04.2024